Project Management

Quarter 1 Project Report

Q1 Progress Summary

A quarter of the project’s time has passed. During this six months, we have been severely affected by COVID-19. The progress in the Q1 of the project includes:

  1. Two survey papers (one has been finished and the other is still ongoing). The literature review is the first and the most fundamental part of this project’s research work. At present, a survey about COVID-19’s impact on IoT adoption is almost finished and will be submitted to IEEE Internet of Things Journal, and the other one on LoT data quality management is still developing;

  2. Data Management Plan (DMP). The DMP that defines the collection, management and maintenance of the project data has been finished and submitted to the platform.

  3. Preliminary Career Development Plan (CDP). The CDP has been roughly finished and a discussion with supervisors will be carried out later. For career development, a position of Assistant Professor has been obtained from the Department of Computer Science at AAU. In addition, I have served as the session chair of VLDB 2020 and the external reviewers for several top conferences during this period. Preliminary academic collaboration with Monash, SDU (China), and BUPT(China) has been established.

  4. Deep participation of teaching activities at AAU CS department, including supervision of several groups and co-lecturing of a course. Moreover, the university pedagogy courses have been enrolled and will be started at the beginning of 2021.

  5. Establishment of project website and social media accounts including GitHub and Twitter to disseminate research outcomes.

Q2 will focus on finalizing the second survey paper, and the first regular research paper about data quality control.

project management